Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Kosher Lamp and Bug Checker Light

There are a variety of kosher products at Kosher Innovations, but in my opinion, the best three are the Kosher Lamp, the Bug Checking light, and toothbrush and another popular favorite is the alarm clock.

The Classic Kosher Lamp has a small window giving enough illumination to read when sitting next to the lamp. The Max design has a larger light window and another feature I love which is a thumb button you can use before/after shabbos to turn the light on and off. The Max design is slightly more expensive but I think it is worth it. I tend to like the more traditional decor type patterns like the silver, gold and cherry wood, but there are modern designs and colors.

I have to say that a kosher lamp comes in handy so often when hosting guests and when being hosted as well. It's been very appreciated when I've stayed in a guest room or living room and didn't know my way around the new setting and having the light helped. Hopefully people that have stayed by me have felt a bit more comfortable with the kosher lamp.

I recommend is the Bug checking light as another quality of life invention. This is a chumrah (stringency) but one I find makes checking far easier, faster and much more accurate. Not just in terms of bugs but also dirt and off spots on produce. I use a bug light often, so it generally stays on my counter.

I like the gentleness of the shabbos toothbrush. During the week, I use a sonic brush, so going without on Shabbos was just a mild annoyance, but after a 3 day shabbos/yom tov combo, it was just an icky feeling. You can use the toothbrush with the toothwash also sold on the website or one its own.

Also I don't need an alarm clock as I am pretty good about waking myself up (plus I don't go to the "early" anything), but I know folks have raved over their kosher alarm clock. It has 10 time settings so you can set to wake up in the morning, up from nap, time to go to shuir and a few other times. In shabbat/yom tov mode it turns itself off after a minute. It can also be used as a regular alarm during the week.

Both the lamp and the bug checker light make fantastic gifts for any observant folks. Especially the lamp, as who couldn't use yet another lamp either in the bedroom, living room or other public area of the house! There are a few other interesting products on the website, but these are the ones I;ve used and/or heard highly recommended.

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