Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kosher grocer ships anywhere in the US

For kosher items you can't get in regular stores (or even in the tiny kosher mart in the neighborhood), there's wonderful online sources at great prices. I like for their selection and free local delivery. They do deliver all over the US for free but have higher minimums for dry good and even express shipping for perishables. Or just pay for shipping for small orders Even living in Manhattan, I will very frequently place larger orders online as it is often less expensive, better selection and a huge time saver. Trust me, right before chagim, it can be frustrating experience to go shop in stores in person where everyone else is shopping, but a breeze online.

I think if I need to travel outside a Jewish community, I might want to go ahead and order some items to the destination site to save on the shlepping and have a better selection.

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