Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A reasonable Israeli made Modest Clothing site

Many of my posts will be about women's tznuit or modest clothing. In my journey, this was an area that I was encouraged early to take on. As a quiet person, I've always been a fairly modest person, not wanting to attract attention, but I did wear short sleeve shirts, and skirts that often fell right at the knee when standing.

Before throwing out everything, many items in one's closet can be saved. The beauty of a shell, a light shirt worn under tops will solve the neckline, sleeve, and any transparency issues (i.e. thin fabric, lace exposing skin, or decorative cut outs). Outside of Jewish clothing stores, it can be difficult to find shells. Even when living in Manhattan, I found I often needed to travel to Brooklyn but then I didn't know the best stores with the best prices or more commonly I shopped online.

Kosher Casual  manufactures and sells modernly modest clothing for girls, teens and women and all is made in Israel. I love supporting Israel with my online purchasing. Skirts, layering tops and creative modest accessories at great prices and they are good quality for the price. Even workout skirts and swimwear. I recommend checking out the sales area first. Their inventory does change regularly so I do check back regularly. My only complaint is that shipping from Israel does take a little longer than purchasing closer to home, but that's to be expected, and really the cost isn't that bad as compared to purchasing from other small online businesses.

If you are curious to check out more, Please click on either the text link or picture below. In full disclosure this is an affiliate link, if you buy, I hopefully earn a few pennies (literally it's pennies unless you're really replacing your wardrobe). Regardless I am a happy Kosher Casual customer and plan on buying more from then as my budget allows

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